Saturday, August 17, 2013

Would you?

Allow me to explain the painfully seafoam, totally satirical atrocities you see above.

Months ago, I beautified some thrifted go-go boots with fabric paint, cheetah rhinestones, and the signature double C's in an attack on the consumerist tendency to assign value to shoes and clothing based on brand name; I think we (I) often forget that our emotional reaction to the shoe itself--not to the lettering on the side of it--is supposed to inform our purchase or non-purchase of it.

My point is this: repulsive as these mofos are, would you give them a second glance if you knew they came from the creative loins of Lagerfeld? I might.

Not to be doomsday or anything, but how are we supposed to know what we genuinely even LIKE these days if the logo is doing the work for us? Consider that as you feast your eyes on the circus stripes below. Don't be fooled by the acrylic insignia--they really are that ugly.


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    1. Haha if you could pull 'em off, I'd have nothing but respect for you :)

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  3. So lovely blog! Haha, I agree with you... :D

     Greetta Grace 

  4. I quite like them, :P
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  5. I don't really care about labels I just like to see unique things. I actually kind of like these boots as I like chunky heels and colors but I don't like the cc on them.


    1. If you like the boots as they are, that's totally valid. I mean, they're kinda cool, right? Haha despite my efforts to make them as ugly as possible, they have a certain charm. I think the problem comes when people like statement boots such as these based on the "cc" alone.

  6. YES! :) We would!

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